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The Only Portable Infrared Sauna to use Medical Grade Technology!

You are responsible for your health.

Love Yourself on the Road to Health

Self Care for your mental and physical health is
one thing you can control in a world full of turmoil.

A selfless act of love for you...

The strength of your immune system is a key part to your overall health.

Its' strength is critical in support of your fight against diseases and viruses.

A Relax Portable Infrared Sauna is a key element in assisting your Immune System.

Cheap knock off portable saunas do not have consistent FAR Infrared Energy (FIR)

FIR is the infrared energy your body can absorb and use to heal itself.

Near Infrared Energy is Not absorbed by the body.


What they say


Extreme Health Radio

CANCER!!! Obviously I can’t make any claims here but if I had cancer, sitting in a Relax FAR Infrared sauna would be on the top of my daily detoxification “to do” list. You sweat out incredible amounts of fat soluble toxins and help the body to heal. Heat therapy has been used by people with cancer for many years. They’re incredible machines that are definitely worth your money in my opinion.

Karen T

Autism Author

The best Infrared Sauna I have ever used or seen.

Maggie R

Feels Like a Hot Beach in Mexico!!

I am just thrilled with my purchase. It is amazing and I feel soooo good! If I went to Mexico for a week, the benefits are over when I get home. I am so glad I invested in this brand. I use it every day.

I am so happy I purchased. Definitely recommend you. All my questions were answered, giving me confidence in my purchase.

We want to help you gain knowledge about your health.

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What are Your Health Concerns?

Health Conditions

Cancer, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Lyme Disease. Boost your Immune System.


Circulation in the brain is important for Brain Plasticity.

Pain & Inflammation

Inflammation in your joints and other parts of your body is a key cause of pain.

Eliminate Toxins

Help eliminate Toxic Burden. You actually eat toxins or ingest as part of your daily life.

Weight Loss

Infrared Sauna has been shown to assist in managing weight.


Raises your body temperature to increase circulation. Fight viruses and disease.


One Thing You Can Control...  Your Health

Portable Infrared Sit Sauna

  • Provides consistent FAR Infrared Energy to build your immune system. 
  • The strength of your immune system is a key factor to your overall health.
  • The strength of your immune systems help your body fight disease, viruses, and stay healthy
  • Helps your body heal.
  • A Relax Personal Infrared is a key element in assisting your immune system.
  • In the time it takes to drop the laundry, your sauna will be heated.

Did you know... 

Raising your body temperature will help it fight virus and bacteria.

Shipping is free in Canada

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$1,600.00CDN Plus GST

Portable Infrared Lay Down Sauna

  • Can be used on a massage table or the floor.  Some of our clients put on their bed too.
  • Near Infrared Energy is not absorbed by the body.
There is no pill to cure your body from a lifetime of abuse.

Shipping is free in Canada

You can earn a little extra as a Canadian Affiliate.

Focus on Specific Part of Your Body?

Portable Infrared Table Lamp

  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • The energy penetrates deeply into the body creating micro circulation to the problem area.
  • The Infrared Table Lamp is meant for Home Use!

Shipping is free in Canada

You can earn a little extra as a Canadian Affiliate.

Sky Eye Infrared Lamp

  • Chosen by treatment professionals for their practice.
  • Our products produce FAR Infrared energy between 4 and 14 um or micrometers without preheating or over heating.
  • Other products produce a higher percentage of near and mid infrared energy which is not absorbed by the human body and can scald the skin and cause the lamp to overheat.

If your blood doesn't flow, nothing flows.

Shipping is free in Canada

You can earn a little extra as a Canadian Affiliate.

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