Best Portable Sauna | Why Is It Different?

Why Is It Special?

Following Its Development

Ceramic, as we know it, is used to make bowls or pots – it does not conduct electricity. However, with modifications to the original structure of ceramic, which is done by adding or removing an electron from its molecular structure, equilibrium is destroyed and a semiconductor is formed.  When electricity passes through the semiconductor, large resistance causes voltage to decrease and energy is produced, which changes into heat. 

It is like a driver who brakes his car abruptly:  not only will his car slow down, but the tires will produce heat due to the large amount of friction between the tires and the road’s surface. The same line of reasoning applies to the elements. After absorbing energy they will change into another form of matter. An example would be the light bulb:  when electricity passes through the LED, it changes into light and heat.

Scientific research has confirmed the presence of many minerals. The minerals in hot springs absorb heat (energy) from the earth and produce energy; compatible with the human body. This energy is FAR Infrared energy.

It is the same heat energy produced by the FAR Infrared Portable Sauna. It vibrates at 4 - 14 microns and helps activate cellular renewal, stimulating blood circulation and promotes healing.

Unlocking the Mystery

The FAR Infrared Sauna ceramic semiconductor is a special technology.

  • It excludes both Near and Medium infrared rays.  The one that are harmful to the human body.
  • Leaves behind only beneficial FAR Infrared Rays (FIR).

Therefore, FAR Infrared products benefit the user without harmful side effects, and can be used for extended period of time as well.

The most beneficial are personal portable saunas are the ones that can distribute the heat throughout the sauna.

Why Is It Different?  |  
Radiant Heat Strips

A Knock Off Portable Sauna is Cheap Because

  • These examples show the radiant heat strips used in most other portable saunas.
  • Radiant Heat Strips in the cheap personal saunas mix Near and Medium Infrared Rays. Very little Far Infrared Rays, if any.
  • This method of heating will create hot and cold spots when you are in the sauna for a treatment.
  • There is no fan to circulate heat. Experts agree, this is necessary to avoid hot and cold spots.
  • Rarely do they show photos of the internal sauna because heat does not circulate.
  • When a sauna has a comfort neck band, it may be snug and cannot be removed to wash perspiration.
  • Tent Fabric - Look closely at the pictures of the many cheaper tents. You can see the poor quality. 

Best Portable Sauna

  • A knock-off heater produces surface sweat.
  • It is not the same thing as Far Infrared Heat penetrating deep into your body and producing resonance heat.
  • You need consistent and pure Far Infrared Heat throughout the entire time of your treatment.
  • You can’t achieve the deep muscle relaxation and detoxification effects of a Relax FIR radiator.

Wooden Saunas

  • Wooden saunas use Radiant Heat too.
  • Your head will be covered, and can make it hard to breath.
  • Very costly and can't be moved.

Infrared Blankets

  • Take much longer to heat up.
  • Must stay in the Infrared blanket much longer than a Relax Portable Sauna.
  • Not as easy to keep clean.
  • Not easy to use on your own.
  • Head is exposed allowing you to breath.
  • There is a potential of increased EMF exposure as they are in direct contact with your body.
  • Quality is important.
  • It is not clear if they are using FAR Infrared Rays, which are the healing rays.

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