• Relieve Pain and Inflammation
  • Increase Circulation
  • Burn Calories and Lose Weight
  • Detoxify Heavy Metals, Chemicals and toxins from your cells
  • Increase mitochondrial energy production which gives you an energy boost
  • Reduce Stress and endorphins are released
  • Speed up healing for wounds and injury
  • Improve Collagen production
  • Sleep Better
Athletes, Peak Performers, Doctors, Health Experts and those seeking deep healing and a better lifestyle all trust the pure far infrared energy of the Relax Sauna. Medical grade patented conductor chip technology. Only one of it's kind and a powerful healing and recovery tool for your health.

Now this sauna is "hot", pun intended.

This sauna has a thicker tent with a little more silver woven into the fabric. Meaning a little better heat retention and more reflection. This makes it a tad stronger.

Who should choose the Limited Edition Black Prestige Sauna?

From a performance perspective; I recommend this sauna to guys and girls who are jacked or working their muscles hard.

From a looks perspective; it is very attractive and looks sharp. It will hold its own can make a big difference in the room.

The Relax Sauna lasts for years. If you have the money now, it is an excellent option as you will enjoy it for many of years.

How Does It Work?

FAR Infrared Energy is absorbed by human cells, causing a physical phenomenon called resonance.  FAR Infrared rays are compatible with your cellular frequencies. 

When resonance occurs, cellular activities are instantly invigorated, resulting in better blood circulation and an overall enhanced metabolism.  

Neither oxygen molecules nor nitrogen molecules in the air can block the FAR Infrared Wavelength.  Therefore, the Relax FAR Infrared unique wavelength penetrates directly into our body inches below the skin.  As resonance occurs the body feels quite warm and begins to perspire profusely without causing discomfort to the skin.

Your Immune System Strength supports your body in the fight against disease, viruses and health conditions.  It is a key element in your fight for good health.

Truly a personal, portable, affordable, and durable FAR Infrared Sauna for Home Use!

Far infrared waves are thermal. In other words, we experience this type of infrared radiation every day in the form of heat! The heat that we feel from sunlight, a fire, a radiator or a warm sidewalk. The temperature-sensitive nerve endings in our skin can detect the difference between inside body temperature and outside skin temperature.

Sun rays are visible, and for the most part do not penetrate deep. That is why you get a sun burn.

A Relax FAR Infrared Sit Sauna
Works Differently

Andres Ayrton Photo

Anush Gorak Photo

The Technology of Relax Infrared Therapy Devices

Exclusive Patented Ceramic Semi-Conductor Chip

The patented technology is exclusive to Relax Infrared Products. The ceramic semi-conductor actively radiates FAR Infrared Light with a wavelength between 4 and 14 microns.  They exclude Near and Medium infrared energy, which you can see is not safe.

FAR Infrared wavelength in between 4 and 14 microns is healing.  Just what does that mean.

The radiator resistors (PTC-positive temperature coefficient) enables electricity to flow continuously.  This ensures uninterrupted FAR Infrared Ray (FIR) emissions.  The temperature in the personal sauna tent is kept between 60°-79.66°C (140°-175°F).

FIR energy is not visible to the human eye.  You feel it as heat.

  • 20 Semi-Conductors in each Radiator
  • Two 750 watt radiators

Experts agree, a fan is required for effective treatment.

The electric fan in each radiator distributes comfortable heat quickly throughout the sauna interior. The interior of the sauna tent is a mirror for far infrared rays. Its silver embedded nylon material prevents heat loss and reflects far infrared light throughout the sauna chamber like a glass mirror would reflect visible light. 

Limited Edition Tent Fabric

  • Extremely high grade nylon material is used in the manufacture of the Relax Personal Sauna Tent Cover.
  • The fabric is infused or embedded with more silver and is a padded material.
  • The Silver is woven into the fabric. Some cheaper saunas will just paint a coating onto the tent. FIR reflection will not occur properly.
  • FIR reflection will not occur properly.
  • The material reflects the FIR Energy over and over again, giving you a more thorough absorption of the healing light energy.
  • The specially designed fabric used in manufacture of tent can handle the high heat with NO gasses.
  • The tent and tent cover is very easy to clean.
  • It does not stain.
  • It will remain odour-free, even after long periods of use.  Unlike the traditional saunas made of wood.

Folding Chair

  • I like to call it the "Director's Chair", as you are the person responsible for directing your health.
  • The fabric is nylon.
  • Supports up to 159kg (350lb).  People over 182kg (400lb) have used successfully.
  • I cover mine with a bath towel to absorb the sweat.  It can then be thrown in the wash.

Poles, Radiator Mount, Foot Covers, Switch

  • The Radiators are mounted on a base and attached to a frame, which will extend.
  • There are 2 sets of poles.  They keep the tent cover open or puffed up.
  • A foot pad fits between the 2 radiators.  It is washable, although don't put in the dryer.
  • I am vertically challenged, and put my feet of the radiator covers.
  • You can cover the radiator covers or the foot pad with a wash cloth or towel.  Again the towels can go in the wash.

Controller | Switch for Each Radiator

  • A switch to control Radiators; one for each.
  • A dial to set the timer.  
  • Do Not force the timer after setting your time.  Let it run out naturally.

Dimensions and Weight

  • 83.82cm  x 81.28cm  x  116.84cm  (33 x 32 x 46 inches)  
  • A little less than 10kg (less than 22lb)

What Others Say

I have been using a public sauna and since CoVid, not an option.

I chose the Black Relax Sauna because I work out often and Barbara recommended. So glad she did!

I use my sauna after every workout. I can feel it healing. 

The convenience in my home is perfect. My girlfriend loves it.


I am always the question -
I use and have used an Infrared sauna for the last 20 years. Being a professional motocross racer for most of my life, recovery was very important for the toll the sport puts on you every day

Ryan H / Motorcross