What do they mean to me?

Everything produces electromagnetic fields, even your own body. However, the natural world, including your body is a very low intensity. If electricity is generated, transmitted or used, EMF's are created.

A main characteristic, which defines an electromagnetic field (EMF) is its corresponding wavelength and it's frequency. The strength of an EMF is related to the amount of electricity in use. The higher the voltage, the greater the EMF, which could be generated. All this electricity can be measured.

How is it Measured?

  • Gauss - G
  • Milligauss - mG
  • Volts per Meter - V/m
  • Thousands of Volts per Meter - kV/m
  • Tesla - T
  • Microtesla - µT
  • Direct Current - DC 
  • Hertz - Hz

EMF Technology Health Risks

Technology produces more intense electromagnetic fields and can cause health risks. You can't see or hear them. EMF can heat your body and your cells. Some can be good and some bad.

Some scientists do not believe EMF's are dangerous. Other scientists question whether too much exposure is a health risk. According to some scientists, EMF's can affect your nervous system and cause damage to cells. 

Some simple practices - don't carry your phone in your bra, use the speaker function on your cell phone. Add a good EMF blocker for your game controllers and cell phones, like the Cation Shield by Juuva. 

Do your research and invest in technology purchases with low EMF ratings.

Lowest EMF Infrared Sauna

The huge benefit of the far infrared heat within the Relax Sauna is it keeps EMF levels really low. The medical grade technology in the Relax Sauna produces extremely low EMF's. The ceramic semi-conductor medical grade technology is patented and only Relax infrared products have them.

Unlike other portable saunas, the radiators are placed low. Others position the radiant strips on the back of the tent.  This placement creates EMF's to be directed at your back.

The Relax Sauna generates next to nothing whatsoever in EMF's above your lower legs. The measurement of 0.17 mG is well below anything of concern.

Independent testing shows the Relax Infrared Sauna has a very low EMF and covers all the benefits you want in the investment of a portable personal infrared sauna.

  • Quick Warm Up Time
  • Features you won't find in others.
  • Very low EMF
  • Excellent health benefits.
  • Consistent temperature, and it can be adjusted.
  • Overall, this portable infrared sauna doesn’t disappoint. The Relax Far Infrared Sauna gets GeoEMF stamp of approval.

Measure EMF's with the same measurement

Popular Infrared Sauna EMF Level Comparison

Relax Sauna

Radiant Sauna

SereneLife Sauna

Fill Counter

Fill Counter
Fill Counter

.9 ~ .17 mG


.5 ~ 2.5 mG


~ 2.4 mG


Relax Far Infrared Sauna wins every time.

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