Far Infrared Lamp

Far Infrared Energy is absorbed by human cells, causing a physical phenomenon called resonance. Far Infrared rays are compatible with your cellular frequencies of the human body. 

When resonance occurs, cellular activities are instantly invigorated, resulting in better blood circulation and an overall enhanced metabolism.  

Oxygen molecules nor nitrogen molecules in the air can block Far Infrared Wavelength. Therefore, the Relax Far Infrared unique wavelength penetrates directly into our body inches below the skin.  As resonance occurs the body feels quite warm without causing discomfort to the skin.

A Relax Far Infrared Lamp provides effective treatment for cuts, wounds, coughs, nasal congestion, stomach upset, cramps, and eyesight protection.

Sun rays are visible, and for the most part do not penetrate deep. That is why you get a sun burn.

Infrared Lamp Heater

Exclusive Patented Ceramic Semi-Conductor Chip

The patented technology is exclusive to Relax Infrared Products. The ceramic semi-conductor actively radiates FAR Infrared Energy with a wavelength between 4 and 14 microns of healing treatment.

Just what does that mean. The radiator resistors (PTC-positive temperature coefficient) enables electricity to flow continuously.  This ensures uninterrupted FAR Infrared Ray (FIR) emissions. Near and Middle Infrared energy does not penetrate the skin deep enough to provide maximum healing. 

Far Infrared energy is not visible to the human eye.  You feel it as heat.

4 Semi-Conductors

One 200 Watt Radiator

An electric fan on the back of every radiator cools the heater assemblies, and distributes comfortable heat. 

Very Flexible Positions

Safe to Use - Powerful 200 watts of electrical output.

Will Not Dry or Burn skin.

Face of lamp points in many angles.

Sturdy circular felt covered base is very stable and smooth.

It's light and easy to carry.

When to Use?

Some of the most common conditions our clients use the Relax Table Lamp include:


Joint pain, arthritis

Wound and Bruise healing

Diabetic ulcers

Indigestion and menstrual cramps


Neck, shoulder, and back pain

Prevents eye aging and strains.

What Others Say

I suffer from blemishes and acne. The lamp was very gentle and helped to heal skin. I have now purchased a Sit Sauna from Relax Saunas Canada for full body treatment.


 / Personal Owner

“Every month I would brace for the pain from menstrual cramping and Endometriosis pain. The Relax Table Lamp helps relieve the cramping pain.”


/ Owner

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