I am often asked if kids can use a Relax Portable Sit Sauna, Lay Down Sauna, or a Relax Lamp. Will they benefit from Far Infrared treatments? I can answer this question with one simple answer.


I know a very simple answer. You may need a little more information.

I must say right up front… your children are a treasure, and giving them the knowledge, and empowerment to look after their body will prepare them for good mental and physical health.

Children are little people with needs similar to adults. They are subjected to viruses, bacteria, preservatives, and daily toxins, just like you. The difference; their bodies have not fully developed yet, and certain guidelines will help.

Far Infrared energy actually penetrates at the cellular level. It will help clean out organ tissues and disconnect toxins from the cells that may be blocking pathways. The very low heat is safe for children. It gets the blood moving through the elimination pathways including liver, kidneys, the gastrointestinal tract, colon and, of course, your skin.

Children need to relax and get the blood flowing to all the same places an adult. A far infrared sauna treatment is so relaxing. Your kids really will benefit from boosting their immune system and the relaxing treatments. They will feel restored and recharged too.

Boosting your child's immune system is a key element for their good health, and

possibly your sanity!

Immune System

The Relax Far Infrared Portable Sauna has been shown to increase core temperature more than any other sauna. It is the secret to mobilizing your Immune System.

During a sauna session, white blood cells increase in the bloodstream, suggesting an elevation of the body’s natural defense against illness. Cells oxygenate and you sleep better.

Health Conditions in Children

Some conditions; Autism, ADHD/ADD, OCD, Asperger’s, Asthma, and others have been linked to toxins in utero and current environmental chemicals.

Anxiety and depression, in children are actually more common than you think.

Teenagers and children with psoriasis find the sauna helps with their skin. Acne and blemishes are no fun, enough said. Girls have their own set of monthly concerns, which can be very painful and mood altering. Sauna treatments, or a Table Lamp often help these side effects.


Toxins are one cause for many diseases. Daily life exposes us to electronic debris, smoke, exhaust, and germs. We ingest, inhale and absorb these toxins every day. They affect children, much the same as they affect you. Kids need the same kind of detox capability.

We cannot avoid them. We must prepare our body to fight them. The benefits of the Relax Far Infrared energy are well known. 

Athletics and Sports

Lactic Acid, builds up in kids’ muscles, absolutely the same as yours. How do you know? Their muscles and joints are sore or they love when you massage and rub their limbs, shoulders, and back. Growing pains, sports, gymnastics, dance, boxing, and just plain and simple rough housing in the yard builds lactic acid.

A full body sauna treatment helps joints and muscles heal because of heat, and feels great. The lamp can be used for a more focused treatment. 

It isn’t just the heat; it is the deep penetration into the cells from the Relax Far Infrared ceramic technology, which makes all the difference.

Infrared Sauna for Children - Are They Safe?

Far Infrared energy is a lower overall temperature then a traditional sauna. Kids can be expected to feel more comfortable than in a regular sauna. Their head is out and they can breathe easier.

A treatment in a Relax Infrared Sauna is non-toxic. It is a method to boost the immune system, heal the body, and rid the body of harmful pollutants, with no side-effects.

It doesn’t have to be long to experience effects.

The internal body temperature rises during an infrared sauna treatment. Kids under 8 will not have their heat regulators developed yet. They have a higher metabolic rate per body mass. Therefore, a child’s internal body temperature will rise much faster than yours. This is because they are not able to regulate their body temperature as effectively with sweating, it increases cardiac demands.

Kids Need Supervision

You are the best judge of your child's maturity and needs. Set expectations for their use of these products. Some children may be reluctant to mention a discomfort with nudeness in the sauna. They may not feel comfortable climbing in the sauna without clothes. It is totally OK to use the sauna with clothing. Have them wear their underwear or big T-Shirt.

Hydrate!   Hydrate!  Hydrate!

This means "water" 

not sweetened drinks.

Acknowledgements and References
Mark Timmerman, MD
Dr. Rachel West, nationally regarded in her work with children.
Dr. Leonardo Transande
Our teenage granddaughter suffers from autoimmune encephalomyelitis.  She finds the sauna helps many of the side effects.
Further Research
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