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Infrared Saunas and Lamps

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Infrared Saunas and Lamps

Help Your Body Fight Disease

Boost your immune system.

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An investment in your health to last for years.

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Far Infrared Saunas and Lamps to Fight Disease

Sit Sauna - Standard Edition

Full Body Treatment

Sky Eye Lamp - Floor Lamp

Focus Body Treatment

Sit Sauna - Premium Edition

Full Body Treatment

Table Lamp

Focus Body Treatment

Lay Down or Dome

Full Body Treatment

The Original

Patented Microchip

This is not a cheap knock off.

Why Choose a Far Infrared Treatment Products?

  • Boost your immune system with heat therapy to improve your body's response to fight viral infections.
  • Fight viruses and disease by raising your body temperature.  
  • Reduce muscle pain and arthritic pain.
  • Reduce and treat colds and flu.
  • Increase muscle oxygenation after use.
  • Improve moods from depression, anxiety and increase energy.
  • Improve circulation for heart health and so many health conditions affected poor blood flow.
  • There is a difference between Near and Far Infrared treatment.
  • Detoxify heavy metals and other toxins.
  • The only portable sauna with medical grade technology and FDA approved.
  • The technology is patented and unsurpassed even by the $4000 - $12,000 wooden infrared saunas.