Portable Infrared Sauna Affiliate

Earn Referral Commissions

How much can I earn when I give a referral?
  • Sell 1 sauna per year            - 12% on your retail price.
  • Sell 2 - 3 saunas per year     - 13% on your retail price.
  • Sell 4 - 15 saunas per year   - 15% on your retail price.

****   The suggested retail price will be listed on the Relax Sauna Canada web site.

****   Shipping is free.

Can I earn a Referral Commission for Lamps?
  • Yes
Where Can Your Clients Purchase these Quality Products in Canada?
  • Relax Saunas Canada is the authorized distributor for Canada.
  • You can purchase directly from us.
  • You can purchase from authorized Affiliates across Canada
  • Amazon (US) does sell them... at a substantially increased cost to Canada, plus shipping is extra.

Earn more income for  your business.

Help Clients Treat Whole Body

and Build Immunity

Most Popular Portable Infrared Sit Sauna

  • Provides consistent FAR Infrared Energy to build your immune system. 
  • Immune system strength helps your body fight disease, viruses, and stay healthy.
  • This is the best sauna on the market.
  • Consistent FAR Infrared Rays (FIR), the kind that heal.
  • No cheap knock off using Near and Middle Infrared Rays.
  • Sell the sauna and earn affiliate commissions.
  • Rent minutes at your location

Portable Infrared Lay Down Sauna

  • Used on a massage table or the floor.  
  • Some of our clients put on their bed too.
  • Near Infrared Energy is not absorbed by the body.
  • Consistent FAR Infrared Rays (FIR).

A Solution for Specific Body Part

Portable Infrared Table Lamp

  • Do you have a client with a specific area?
  • Same FAR Infrared semi-conductor technology as the sauna.

Sky Eye Infrared Lamp

  • Treatment Professionals use in their clinics.

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