Frequently Asked Questions

Earn Referral Commissions in Canada?

How much can I earn when I give a referral?
  • Refer 1 to 5 saunas per year            12%.
  • Refer 6 or more saunas per year      15%.

****   The suggested retail price is listed on the Relax Sauna Canada web site.

Can I earn a Referral Commission for Lamps?
  • Yes
Where Can You Purchase These Quality Products in Canada?
  • Relax Saunas Canada is the authorized distributor for Canada.
    You can purchase directly from us.
  • US companies can sell to Canadians. By the time you pay...
    Exchange, Taxes, Entry Fees, and Shipping, you will pay more than our prices.
  • Amazon (US) does sell them...
    at a substantially increased cost to Canada, plus shipping is extra.

Earn more income for  your business.

How to Order? What do they cost Canada?

FREE with Purchase!

  • Shipping
  • GST & PST Tax
  • Heat Therapy Guide - Over 100 Pages of Education
  • You can even earn a little extra when you refer someone.
  • Sit Sauna - Standard Edition            $1,650.00
  • Sit Sauna - Special Edition               $2,350.00
  • Lay Down                                          $1,650.00
  • Table Lamp                           $   299.00
  • Sky Eye Lamp                       $1,500.00
Do you have a payment plan?
  • YES, Ask Barbara?

Relax Infrared Personal Sit Sauna

How long does the Sit Sauna take to heat up?
  • Let's assume the tent cover is zipped up from the last treatment.
  • Flip both the heat switches to the ON position.
  • Turn the dial to time you want your treatment to last.
  • Drop the laundry and climb in.  It will be heated.

OK seriously now.  2-3 minutes, at most is all it takes to be fully heated. Personally, I would never take advantage of my sauna benefits if it took any longer.

Is the Sit Sauna comfortable?
  • The sauna chair is 51cm (20").
  • Most people find this chair to be very comfortable.
  • For those of us who are vertically challenged, put your feet on the top of the two corner radiators to take pressure off the lower back while sitting.
  • For taller users, place your feet between the radiators.
  • I just cover them with washcloths; more because I am vertically challenged and just throw them in the wash after use.Infrared Energy is measured 
Why should you choose a Relax Infrared Portable Sit Sauna?
  • My head is in the open air. The heat in an enclosed sauna make it very uncomfortable to breath.
  • Claustrophobia is not an issue.
  • Helps to boost your immune system because you increase circulation when you use a sauna.
  • Provide a therapeutic sauna experience in the convenience of your own home in 15-20 minutes without lengthy preheating. 
  • If you decide you want to have a sauna treatment; how long do you want to wait?
  • Provides a deep penetrating heat promoting relaxation and deep sleep.
  • Pain relief from inflammatory conditions such as Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.
  • Experience the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub without exposure to bacteria or toxic chemicals.
  • Relax and loosen your muscles.  Regular use will reduce injury.
  • Burn off lactic acid built up in your sore muscle after physical exertion.
  • Weight Loss:  boosts metabolism and boost energy.
  • Regular use promotes soft supple youthful skin
  • Watch your favourite television show, talk on the phone to visit with family and friends.
  • Fully collapsible.  You can take it with you when you travel.
  • Folds up in minutes, weighing a little more than 9kg (less than 20lb).
  • Energy efficient, cost is pennies to use.
  • Produces consistent, continuous, soft FAR Infrared radiant heat in the range of 4-14 microns
What are the weight and dimensions of the Sit Sauna?
  • 80cm x 80cm x 115cm (32" x 32" x 45")
  • A little more than 9kg (less than 20lb)
Can children benefit from an Infrared Sauna?
  • Yes, our clients use the sauna for their children.
  • ADD/ADHD, Autism, Auto-Immune Disease are some conditions, which definitely improve.
  • Sports injuries are common in children.
  • Children MUST always have supervision.
  • Dependent on the age and condition, use one radiator and reduce the sauna time.
Can I purchase the Limited Edition Black Sit Sauna?
  • Many of you have asked about this option.
  • These are a Limited Edition.
  • They are brought in once a year, just in time for Christmas.
  • Book yours now, before they are gone.

FAR infrared wavelength provides the most healing.

Relax Infrared Personal Lay Down Sauna

Do I have to roll over to get the benefits throughout my body?
  • No
  • The reflective mat ensures treatment on both sides.
What if I want to lay on my side?
  • You sure can. If you are more comfortable on your side, go ahead.
  • The reflective mat makes if unnecessary to roll over.
How long does it take to heat up?
  • 2 - 3 minutes, at most.
What are the weight and dimensions of the Lay Down Sauna?
  • 189cm x 90cm x 50cm (75" x 36" x 20")
  • 11kg (a little more than 24lb)
How do I get in?
  • Some clients have the sauna cover about one half to two thirds up. Then lay down and pull the tent up.
  • It does have a bit of a spring effect, when opening.
  • Some clients slide in from the top.

Can be set up on a table or the floor.

Difference between Lay Down Sauna and Sit Sauna?

How does the Relax Lay Down Sauna compare to the Relax Sit Sauna?

personal Lay Down Sauna

personal Sit Sauna

189cm x 90cm x 50xm (75" x 36" x 20")

80cm x 80cm x 115cm (32" x 32" x 45"0

Weights less than 7kg (15lb)

Weighs a little more than 9kg (less than  20lb)

One Patented Semi-Conductor Technology Radiator

Two Patented Semi-Conductor Chip Technology Radiators

Reflective Mat Included

Chair Included

Personal Table Lamp

Does the Table Lamp have the same FAR Infrared Rays?
  • Yes
When do I use the Table Lamp?
  • Knee Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Menstrual Cramps
  • Gout
  • Toothaches, Ear Aches
  • Open sores, that just won't heal
  • Bruising
  • These are just a few examples of where the lamp is used.

****  The table lamp is great for focused heat in a specific area.

Will it work on Diabetes Patients open sores?
  • Yes

Focused Infrared Rays help tissues regenerate and speed healing.

Sky Eye Professional Infrared Lamp

When is the Sky Eye Lamp purchased?
  • Selected most often by Clinic Practitioners.
  • Practitioners treat patients in their clinic or may send home. The client to uses as directed by their practitioner in their home.
When does a Naturopathic Doctor use?
  • ND's use during IV Treatment Therapy for Cancer Patients.
  • Treat open sores on Diabetes patients.
How do Medical Doctors use?
  • Treat open sores on Diabetes patients.
When does a Colon Hydrotherapist use?
  • CHT's use during Colon Therapy treatments to relax client and keep them warm.

Can be used for long hours with a fully rotational head.

When Should You Use Far Infrared Heat Therapy (FIR)?

  • Heat in general is not for acute or recent injuries.

Far Infrared Rays with a Lamp penetrate so well, it is great therapy for chronic conditions. Apply to affected area for 30 minutes, rest for a period. A mild massage is nice to disperse residual heat and aid relaxation.

  • Knee Pain
  • Neck, Back, Should Issues
  • Arthritis
  • Menstrual Cramps
  • Gout
  • Toothaches, Ear Aches
  • Open sores, that just won't heal
  • Bruising
  • Sub-acute and chronic sprains
  • Stiff Joints
  • These are just a few examples of where the lamp is used.

****  The table lamp is great for focused heat in a specific area.


The precautions are the same for other forms of heat therapy.

  • During pregnancy.
  • Implants, pins, replacements if there is altered sensation. Generally safe.
  • Caution should be used on wounds and lesions if you cannot feel sensation.
  • When you may not be able to feel the infrared heat therapy and avoid injury.
  • Consult your health care professional for your specific concerns.
  • Always follow instructions and pay attention to any warnings. You do not need a layer of clothing. However if you prefer to wear clothing, infrared waves will penetrate through clothing and will not effect the heating capacity.

Far Infrared Rays using a full body treatment with a Sauna or focused treatment with a Lamp penetrate deeply to help tissues regenerate and speed healing.

Questions to ask as you do your research.

  1. 1
    How long does it take to heat?
  2. 2
    Does the sauna you are looking at have cold spots?
  3. 3
    Will the sauna hold the heat for the entire treatment?
  4. 4
    How does the sauna circulate the heat in the tent?
  5. 5
    How long are the Infrared Rays?
  6. 6
    If uses Far Infrared; does it mix Near and Middle Infrared Rays?
  7. 7
    Is the sauna easy to move?
  8. 8
    Is the sauna easy to clean and disinfect between users?
  9. 9
    How long have customers been using their saunas?

The longer the Infrared Ray, the better. It is very important the sauna maintains consistent Far Infrared Rays (FIR) of 4-14 microns.

Some questions we have been asked?

Do I wear clothes?
  • You don't have to.
  • I turn on my sauna, drop my clothes on the floor and climb in. It's heated.
  • Some people are more comfortable wearing something.
Why are the poles the same for each side now?
  • Manufacturers listened to your comments and made both poles the same.
  • Definitely made assembly easier

Far Infrared Rays using a full body treatment with a Sauna or focused treatment with a Lamp penetrate deeply to help tissues regenerate and speed healing.