Safety and Quality is Evident

120 Volts

Electric Current

Far Infrared Energy (FIR) used in all

Relax Infrared Products

Self Temperature Controlled Semiconductor Chip

Each product has more than one of these patented little medical grade ceramic chips.

Generally, all FAR Infrared Ray products control the heat with heating materials, FIR materials, and control components. To keep the temperature stable in knock products, the heating control component will switch on and off continually.

That is why you will often feel a little hotter or cooler as you use the product. The Relax products put the three components in one so that heat will stay at a steady range.

Inexpensive Knock Off Portable Saunas

Carbon Panel

Radiant Strip

These are primarily made in China use 3 or 4 carbon panels (cloths). Carbon panels are attached to hot plates, then mounted on poster boards, which are made out of Corrugated Plastic. These carbon panels take a long time to heat up. Provides a very mild amount of FAR Infrared Rays.

Other saunas are made with radiant strips, which are attached to the back of the sauna tent. They do not provide consistent FAR Infrared Rays and mix both Near and Middle Infrared Rays.

Any EMF's generated will be directed at your back.

Space Heater

Space Heater

Room Heater

Some of the inexpensive portable saunas DO NOT get hot enough to create a good sweat.

These companies will add a space heater. These heaters are inexpensive and if any Far Infrared Rays are emitted, they are very little.

A space heater will ONLY heat the air and make your skin feel hot. This type of heat can be harsh and is not relaxing. You may experience surface sweating.

Consistent FAR Infrared Rays are necessary to penetrate your skin, boost the immune system and help to heal you body. They can’t achieve the deep muscle relaxation and detoxification effect that It can’t achieve
the deep muscle relaxation and deep detoxification effect that Relax® FIR
generators can provide.

Some even add a steam device to simulate sweating.

None have a fan to circulate the heat throughout the sauna tent.

Very Expensive Wood Saunas

Radiant Heat Wooden Sauna

"It just takes too long to heat up, so I'm not using it."

People do know the benefits of using a sauna to improve health. The complaints we hear about them.

They are Very Expensive! I can't take it with me when I move or travel.

Rarely use my wooden sauna because it can take 15-45 minutes to heat up.

If I am chilled, I can't just pop in to warm up. It takes quite awhile to feel warm and toasty. I have to sit right in front of the panels.

I feel claustrophobic.

I bought a wooden sauna due to health problems and it did not help. 

I was amazed how my health improved with a Relax Sauna!

Relax® FIR Generators

Relax® Portable Sauna is made with 40 pieces of Patented and Exclusive Ceramic Semiconductor Chips.

Semiconductor systems self control temperature automatically. The wavelength and temperature are controlled by a program. These chips are Medical Grade Technology and are patented and FDA approved.

The wavelength is between 4~14 microns, which can be easily absorbed by our body. Consistent FAR Infrared Rays (FIR) penetrate deeply to provide healing.

It is very safe even if you put tissue paper in the heater. The tissue will not ignite!

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