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The Turtles

Take a Leap of Faith

Scooter never second-guesses herself. Occasionally, I bring her up on my bed while I am reading. For a short while, she sits patiently and stares at me.

When she has had enough of our bonding time, she “races” full force to the edge of the bed, throws herself airborne, pulls her arms and legs into her shell, closes her eyes and lands with a thud on the carpet.

She has never once sidled up to the bedside, looked over the edge and questioned whether she can do it or not. She just goes for it.

How often do we spend our valuable time evaluating, estimating and calculating how a challenge may end? Ultimately, we remain frozen in indecision. Sometimes, we just need to make a choice and take a leap of faith.

The Turtles - Take A Leap of Faith

Catherine S Traff
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