What is Infrared Energy Wavelength?

Why is Relax Sauna Unique?

Most far infrared saunas are designed to emit radiant heat between 43.33-54.44C (110-130F).

Purified Far Infrared Rays

Our products use a unique technology to create "purified" far infrared energy. Our radiator with patented semi conductors produce more energy power and a higher temperature 60-79.44C (140-175F), while providing safe far Infrared wavelengths.

This allow you to achieve a therapeutic sweat in less time than any other regular infrared sauna and it creates an energizing, relaxing experience. The sauna tent warms up in seconds.

Both the Relax Infrared Saunas and the Infrared Heat Therapy Lamps provide a greater percentage of far infrared wavelength in the 4-14 micron range. This is the the range, which is most easily absorbed by the human body.

Planck's Law of Black Body Radiation

The following diagram on the left shows Nobel prize winner Max Plancks blackbody radiation wavelength curve. The diagram on the right shows a Far Infrared Ray (FIR) curve with consistent 4-14 micron penetration.

Planck's Law of Black Body Radiation. The higher the temperature the greater the amount of near infrared wavelength is produced. Near infrared rays will not penetrate as deep as far infrared rays, therefore less therapeutic.

Plank's Blackbody Radiation Curve

Relax Sauna Canada Curve

What did the Relax Engineers Develop?

The engineers at Relax took this technology to another level and developed a Ceramic Semi Conductor, which they patented. These semi conductors are placed in a radiator, depending on the need of the device to produce the therapeutic infrared rays for heat therapy treatment.

What Does All This Mean?

Our radiator technology eliminates a huge amount of the near and mid infrared energy rays.

95% of the energy is in the 4 - 14 micron range.

The heat is the best therapeutic heat and it is consistent.

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